SQL meets NoSQL

Columno is a novel relational database management system (RDBMS) with a completely detached storage layer — you may choose any NoSQL DB for storage.
It flattens the learning-curve for developers while drastically improving scalability, performance and cost.

DEMO Live comparison between Columno (with Amazon DynamoDB storage layer) and a standard PostgreSQL database.
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What is Columno?

Columno is basically a full-blown relational database management system with indexing, query processing, query execution, storage, etc. However, we have to adjust all parts of our RDBMS to a very constrained storage layer that consists of other NoSQL DBs. The result is what we consider the perfect database

The Best from Both Worlds

Well-known SQL interface currently with PostgreSQL support (no need to change sourcecode/no new libraries).
High scalability and very low cost with NoSQL (Redis, Azure Table Storage coming soon).

Employ New Technology with Zero Experience

Like to use the latest in-memory databases along with a scalable and cheap key-value store? You will be able to cross-join, insert, update, ... in NoSQL DBs from your standard framework (ORM).

Cloud or On-premise

Columno Cloud manages everything for you. Just select the NoSQL DBs you would like to use, point to our database and you are up and running.
Want everything on your own network? Download and run Columno on your own server.

What is Columno in more details?

Want to know more? Please get in touch — we are happy to share more details!

Why is it so cheap?

Many NoSQL databases are rather simple concepts compared to traditional databases. With NoSQL databases you typically don't pay to run an instance. You only pay for what you use or provision.

Where's the index?

Everything is stored in the NoSQL DBs. No information resides permanently in the Columno program. This makes Columno more fault-tolerant and scalable.

What platforms and language?

Columno is written in C++ and we currently build releases for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Is CockroachDB, CosmosDB, Aurora better?

Many modern scalable databases exist, often categorized as NoSQL or NewSQL. Most of them are awesome. Columno is a different approach — we seamlessly let you choose where to store data. You can, e.g., choose Redis for some data and DynamoDB for other ― all from the same DB connection with the SQL interface you know.

What's the overhead of all this?

The transformation from relational data into a key-value store doesn't come for free. But key-value stores are fast, very fast — and with a lot of effort we can get extremely good performance.

I'm King of NoSQL ― why this?

Are you (and your colleagues — and the one taking over from you ) experts in NoSQL DBs and do you know how to easily map all of your data and objects so it's all efficient and scalable — then Columno is a waste of your time. But give us a call when you don't have the time anymore :)

Columno Beta does not sound very mature?

We are working hard to provide full SQL support and will drop the "beta" label when we get there! We are very focused on performance, stability and high-quality source-code — great things take time.

Will it be faster?

Yes! We constantly improve on the algorithms for both small and large amounts of data. So far we have released versions with algorithms suited for small amounts of data. In the upcoming releases you will find our algorithms optimized for large amounts of data.

SQL and relations sound oldschool to me?

NoSQL (or better: NoREL) was pretty hot 10 years ago when people wanted scalability and distributed data. However, SQL (and relations) is here to stay — just look at all the new databases (NewSQL), they all want to fuse SQL, relations, scalability and distributed data.


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